Michael bergmann

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2007—2009 Wrote, produced and directed Tied to a Chair, feature film shot in London, Cannes and New York starring Bonnie Loren and Mario van Peebles with music by Deborah Mollison.

2006 Began Writing and directing La Primavera, experimental feature film inspired by Botticelli’s painting, being shot (so far) in Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Paris.

2003—2005 Directed, edited and co-produced The Reality Trap, feature film. Premiered at Avignon Film Festival, June 2005.

Awarded best Short Film for Aftershock, Whitehead International Film Festival, Claremont, CA, January 2004

Wrote, produced and directed “The Overheards” ten 1-minute narrative films for a new Cablevision HD channel

Awarded Prix du Jury for In Bed With My Books, Montreal International Film Festival, September, 2003

1999—2002 Wrote, produced and directed feature film Trifling With Fate featuring Gordon Elliott and Bridget Moynahan. Shown as work-in-progress at the Avignon Film Festival (France) June, 2000.

Wrote Trifling With Fate: Step by Step to a Digital Feature Film (book), published in the fall of 2001

Wrote article “Digital Shootout” on shooting miniDV for Filmmaker Magazine, Winter 2001

1998—1999 Produced Rencontre A New York, short film by Claude Saint Antoine. Many prizes in festivals, sale to French TV and theatrical distribution in French theaters, distributed in U.S. on TV through The Short List.

Founded Separate Star, Inc. an independent production company with a screenplay reading series featuring readings by professional actors in an informal atmsphere in New York. To date two of the screenplays chosen and first read at our series have been produced. Worked on developing Death by Committee, starring Gordon Elliott as a tabloid talk-show host who gets his comeuppance. Writer, producer, director. Also in development: A Tempest in a Teapot, a children's film with Olympia Dukakis and Ginacarlo Gianini. Director. As Things fell Out, about artists, their business advisors and anxiety. Writer, producer, director.

1997 Festival Circuit with Milk & Money. Highlights included a screening at the Cinémathèque in Paris. Awarded “Best American Independent Feature Film” prize at the Cleveland International Film festival, award sponsored by the Independent Film Channel. Awarded Prix SACD for Best Screenplay of an American Feature at the Avignon Film Festival.

1995—1996 Wrote, co-produced with RKO Pictures, and directed Milk & Money, a feature film with Olympia Dukakis, Calista Flockheart, Peter Boyle, Margaret Colin, Robert Vaughn and Dina Merrill.

1993—1994 Produced and directed developmental workshop of Ardythe Ashley’s new play The Sleeping Dog Lies. Directed a revival of Mrs Warren’s Profession by George Bernard Shaw starring Pamela Payton-Wright at the Theater Row Theater in New York.

1989—1992 Produced, co-wrote, & directed feature film-on-video Practice to Deceive. Producing involved creating production company to take over from Original Cinema, raising production capital, managing personnel including staff, cast and crew and supervising post-production. Shoot was 62 days long, with a cast of 32 speaking roles and numerous domestic and foreign locations.

1986—1989: Artistic Director of Original Cinema, Inc.
Co-Founder of feature film production and distribution company. In charge of selecting projects.

For production company: optioned and developed several properties, including Bess Arden’s novel Practice to Deceive. Raised development capital and wrote the screenplay with her. Produced and directed 10 minutes of Sketches from the Screenplay. Acquired Thank You and Good Night, a partially completed feature, produced a rough cut of material shot to date, which resulted in a presale to a foreign TV station. Using those revenues, produced further principal photography which resulted in presale to American Playhouse (PBS) as a result of which the picture has been successfully completed.

For distribution company: created coming attractions trailers and supervised advertising campaigns. Selected Juzo Itami’s A Taxing Woman chosen by New York Times as one of the top 10 of 1988. Participated in raising capital for distribution of A Taxing Woman.

Was materially helpful in facilitating a number of specialty film efforts.

1983—1986: Wrote The Zilensky Collection.

Co-authored original feature film script. Raised development capital and supervised location scouting & budgeting.

Worked for the Independent Feature Project (NY) Oversaw the transition to computer-based management of the annual Independent Feature Film Market (1986).

1976—1983: Directed plays, short films and videotapes in New York, at the Edinburgh Fringe and in Wyoming.

Directed 10 films and 18 plays. Wrote Getting It, a play.

1975—1976: NYU Graduate Film School

1971—1975: Attended Columbia University (BA in Latin, 1975). Concurrently studied film at Columbia University Graduate Film School and NYU Undergraduate Film School.

1965—1971: Fieldston High School.